• Food is Medicine

    Britt Joynson a Hong Kong based, mother of three, an ultra-runner & endurance cyclist, Britt is a qualified health coach, raw food chef, lover of plant-based, whole-foods and we discuss this in some detail.

     After an incident in China, Britt was left her with chronic health issues. Britt describes what happened and the consequences in the podcast. Conventional medicine offered no solution and after three years of debilitating symptoms, she turned to a 100% raw food, vegan diet. 

    Subsequently Britt  has travelled widely, studying raw food, whole food & holistic eating practices from leaders in their respective field's. Britt is on a mission to understand and share what we can do to positively impact our health. Where raw food plays an integral role.  

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  • 29Kg Later. A little help from family and friends resulting in massive weight loss.

    Keon has been involved with Faust International Youth Theatre since 2001 as a teacher, theatre director, playwright and has been the General Manager of the company since 2013. His theatrical directing, acting and teaching roles include, but not exclusively, King Lear, Waiting for Godot, Romeo & Juliet, and original productions.  Keon leads workshops on creative writing and directing including for the University of Hong Kong. Keon is on a mission to empower both children and adults to become skilled storytellers and communicators and to tell stories that entertain and reflect authentic human experiences.

    This podcast is built around Keon’s health story. A story of how with the help of his family and  his friends, including health practitioners, he has addressed being overweight... 

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