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Weight Management

Lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight. Weight management is a personalised results based approach.

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Sleep Management

Fall asleep and stay asleep, get the recovery you need with a sleep assessment and tailored action plan.

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Mental Game Plan

From values audits to goal setting, strengths based living to meaning in life, create your mental game plan and thrive.

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Protect yourself and your loved ones with our comprehensive vaccination program from respected community Doctors.

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Why OptimoSquare?

Complete health care services connected to a trusted community.

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What our customers are saying

The 'Values based living' session with Chris provided me a strong base for my mental well being as I embark on a transformational journey. I was left feeling empowered, knowing what I want in navigating my non-negotiables, compromises and priorities in life.

Jayne So

The 'Sleep coaching' with Vincent has helped me analyse my daily work-and-rest patterns and keep me on track to achieve my goals. I used to sleep 5 hours a night, now I have new habits to stop work, be home and jump in bed at a time I can maintain.


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From vaccines to weight loss, sleep management to finding meaning, we have your health in mind.

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